All you need is a wallet to start receiving Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Core (BTC) and any other cryptocurrency. No personal ID required. Just download one, it’s that simple. No signup. The various wallet options mostly universal. It is permission-less and you just have to choose to participate. We just want to show how you can start earning bitcoin. BCH is good for internet purchases and local trade

Stickers are $.50 each and discounts on 10+, free shipping in US for orders over $3.

Of course you can print them out yourself. However, we feel our low price and non-inkjet printer will serve you much better. We’re excited to see where these stickers end up on Twitter and Instagram. Getting paid via a sticker in a  picture would be amazing. #tipPLS #BCHPLS

You can contact us at

Please validate all tipPLS QR-stickers before using them by sending a penny to it.

We’ll send out the tipPLS stickers with 1 or 2 BCH PLS stickers per order(provided by We only have 500 at the moment, we’d love to send more, and likely will once we get a good supply going 🙂 Feel free to use or not use these included stickers.

We also encourage you all to use this opportunity to set up a wallet for someone who could use this service.


Getting Started for crypto-initiates:

1. Get a wallet (No sign up or personal information required) Wallet (IOS/Android/PC/MAC)



2. Buy some #tipPLS Stickers. (admittedly optional, but it’ll be an easy way to accept crypto)


At the moment, the only crypto we accept is BCH. We’d love to accept other crypto in the future, let us know. We haven’t really seen much tipping outside the BCH community.

We want this site to be the friendliest launching pad for crypto. PLS provide any suggestions.


BCH : 14kziQvntGA7AP2roPXbZC7DxywGmR9dD4