I am a musician, and this project is inspired by the positive energy the tippr bot brings to reddit and twitter. Many of my friend’s are dependent on tips, whether they perform, serve food, or tend bar. This idea spawned from looking at tip jars and trying to figure out how to design a tip jar that could be used for crypto, yet was inexpensive enough to give away. After sometime, I realized it was better to just keep it in a sticker form and let the user decide how to design a tip jar. The user doesn’t even need a smart phone, as long as they have a wallet somewhere, they can receive money. #supportlocalmusic

I hope anyone who wants to receive money (everyone in the world!) will find this service useful.

In the future, I’d love to partner with non-profits for fundraising efforts, businesses exploring the use of crypto, and anyone that can find a use for this.


Our mission is to be the friendliest launching site for all crypto currencies and to have fun.